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Costs - Goodservice Recommends

  • Room
    • Rs. 1.5-2K/day Single
    • Rs. 25-30K/month Single
  • Apartment
    • Rs. 2-2.2K/day Studio
    • Rs. 30-35K/month Studio
    • Rs. 2.5-3K/day 1BHK
    • Rs. 35-45K/month 1BHK
    • Rs. 3-4K/day 2BHK
    • Rs. 45-55K/month 2BHK
    • Rs. 4-5K/day 3BHK
    • Rs. 50-70K/month 3BHK
    • Rs. 5K/day 4BHK
    • Rs. 60-80K/month 4BHK

(These are prices recommended by goodservice for your help. Please check with individual vendors for quotes to ensure a good service experience.)