Costs - Goodservice Recommends

  • Flower
    • Rs. 300-400 Bunch of Red Roses
      A flower bunch of 12 red roses
    • Rs. 500 Bunch of Carnations
      A flower bunch of 12 carnations
    • Rs. 1000-1200 Bunch of Lilies
      A flower bunch of 12 white or yellow lilies
  • Delivery Charge
    • Rs. 200 Midnight Delivery Charge
  • Cake
    • Rs. 700-900 Simple Cake (1kg)
      A simple chocolate, pineapple or black forest cake of one kg
    • Rs. 1200-1500 Gourmet Cake (1kg)
      A fancy gourmet cake with multiple toppings, flavours and icing of one kg

(These are prices recommended by goodservice for your help. Please check with individual vendors for quotes to ensure a good service experience.)